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I'm Renuka. Let's change the world!

About Kim

I was Born in India in 1978 as Renuka, and adopted by a Belgian family in 1979, where I received the name ‘Kim Van kuyk’. I’m still Kim (=Horizon) and I always will, but I’m also Renuka (=Mother of the Universe). I feel truly blessed having these amazing two names.

Life is continuously changing. Old convitions, karma, experiences, conditionings, toxical emotions we are exposed to, trauma’s etc. determine our lifestyle and way of living & coping with emotions. The resistance we build up against the changes that occur equals the pain we endure. Free ourSelves from the shackles of the past makes room for new creations…

After finishing my Master in Science, I worked as a building engineer for about 15 years. Then one day I woke up and realised I didn’t work my passion nor did I live my passion! I seriously wondered what I was doing on Planet Earth, so I decided to quit my job as a Business Development Manager and opened my heart more and more to mySelf and to what my soul wanted me to manifestate in this life.  My mission is to live from the heart and to be my true Self. Living my passion using all my talents to serve a Greater Good is how I hope to inpsire others to do the same.

Everyone has unique talents and gifts to explore, develop and share with the world. Once we let go of old convictions on how life is supposed to be, we free ourSelves from the dark fears that keep us small and we can shine our own unique light to light up the world. Don’t let fear tell you how high you can fly…rise above your own convictions and see the bigger picture…everything is connected by invisible wires…an invisible network I call Love. We did not come to planet Earth at random, we all came with a mission to shine our unique light upon this world!

As a building engineer, I used to build bridges to cross roads, rivers, and oceans…

My music now builds bridges of love between East and West, and unites humanity as one race, one tribe.


I hope my music, books and lectures inspire everyone who is learning to surf the waves of change…Not only the strong survive, but those most adaptable to change…

The songs I write are straight from the heart, and when I sing, I never write nor sing alone. There’s a whole choir of Angels and ancestors singing with me. It’s like they sing through me…

Saint Franscisus said: ‘Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace and love’, I feel we all are instruments of the Divine, and once we are in line with our soul’s purpose and discover our biggest talents, we can manifestate our mission in life driven by an inextinguishable fire of passion. All we have to do is believe we can!

The climate changes: Mother Earth is getting sick because human race is not treating her with the respect, love and care she deserves. My 8 year old son just told me: ‘I don’t like the industry, it kills the jungles, nature, the trees, the longues of the Earth…’

We think we’re so clever and superior & intelligent but in reality our lack of consciousness that is shown in our behaviour is self-destructive, only we’re not aware of that.

If we destroy our planet, we actually destroy ourSelves!

We only have one Planet, one Mother Earth, one Home, and that home lies within our hearts.

With love, Renuka ॐ


Shanti is a childrensbook about an orphan baby elephant Shanti who is being adopted by 3 elephant mothers in India. All themes an adoptive child is coping with, rejection, sadness, sorrow, feeling and looking different, are topics in this book. Illustrator La Cabane En Voyage (Elise Vandeputte) manages to put Shanti’s soul into the illustrations. I wrote the song of Shanti and wrote the story, having experienced all ups-and-downs adoption made  me go through.

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