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 I am deeply honoured and grateful to sing @ the event of Little Grandmother Keisha Crowther – 6 dec 2015

Little Grandmother: “Message for The Tribe of Many Colors”

“It is with great excitement that I will be coming back to Belgium, and I am delighted to invite you to come and join me on this special event. I will share with you the prophecies I have been receiving from the Ancestors and Mother earth about the changes happening on this planet and in human individuals and societies. I will speak about the new messages from Mother Earth in this time of the Great Shift; the importance of remembering who we are as truly cosmic beings and what we are capable of; and being in the right relationship to our Mother Earth. I will reawaken this knowledge inside of you! And we will pray on this day, we will pray together, and join our hearts as one for the healing of our beloved Mother Earth and her children.”