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22/11/2015 14:44 (Brussels timezone) Please join me on this event – you can do it @ home, by your hometree.

Dear Citizens of Planet Earth,

I was walking in the woods and I saw that one special tree family was affected with treecancer, it showed BLACK SPOTS all over her leaves, and every tree of this family had the same illness!!! It touched my heart, and I started to pray for this tree, sending it loving and healing energy.

Love is the energy that unites us all, and still the world is filled with hatred, disharmony and conflicts, as a reflection of our own inner strides and inner conflicts… We all long to love and to be loved, yet, we don’t love ourSelves, nor this beautiful planet we live on…or at least we say we do, yet we stopped feeling it in our hearts, as a reflection of the lack of Selflove…

Our climate is changing fast, it’s going from bad to worse…Mother Nature is getting ill, very ill, and it’s time to show her that we care, and that we love her unconditionally…

I would like to ask each and every one of you to join me in prayer, all over the world, and sent loving energy to Mother Earth…Go to your favorite tree in the woods @ 22/11/2015 14:44 (Brussels Timezone), and stay with your tree, sent out rays of love, compassion and healing light to your favorite tree.

Mother Earth needs us all to unite in prayer to love her.

Our inner world is reflected in our outside world, so if we start loving ourSelves more, our heart will awaken and our heartqualities will develop more…Our external world will mirror these changes…

It’s time to make a change, it’s time to make a difference, we can do most anything, love is all we need.

As Michael Jackson sang it so beautifully in his song HEAL THE WORLD, the time is now, or our beautiful planet will not survive, and neither will we if we continu destroying it by not solving our our inner conflicts, due to ego related structures we identify ourSelves with.

Gandhi put it so beautifully into words: Hate is not stopped by hate, hate can only be stopped by LOVE.

So love yourSelf unconditionally, and join me in prayer, with your friends and family, because ALL OUR CHILDREN deserve a beautiful planet to live on. Look at your children, see the joy in their eyes, and see the world through their eyes…they know the way to love yourSelf unconditionally…this is the kind of love that can move nations, this is the kind of love that can heal the world…this is the kind of love that makes the change happen!

With love, Renuka ॐ